A Macroanatomic Study on Larynx Cranialis of Turkeys in Thrace Region, Turkey

Ozan GUNDEMİR*, Osman Behzat Burak ESENER, Hasan ALPAK

1Istanbul University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Anatomy 34320 Avcilar, Istanbul/Turkey

2Istanbul University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Histology and Embryology 34320 Avcilar, Istanbul/Turkey

*Sorumlu Yazar / Corresponding Author:


e-mail: ozan_gundemir@hotmail.com

Geliş Tarihi / Received:

14 June 2016

Kabul Tarihi / Accepted:

17 January 2017

Key Words:

Anatomy, larynx cranialis, Turkey


This study was conducted to determine the differences and similarities between larynx cranialis of turkey and other species of poultry. For this purpose, 8 female and 8 male adult turkeys were used for the anatomical measurements. Furthermore, histological examinations were performed on larynx cranialis of 2 turkeys. Cartilago thyroidea and epiglottis were not observed in the larynx cranialis, in our study. Besides, larynx cranialis were found to constitute from paired cartilago arytneoidea and unpaired cartilago cricoidea and cartilago procricoidea. Crista ventralis was detected on larynx cranialis of turkeys. According to our results, it has been determined that in turkey; the width of glottis in female turkeys were larger than males. Cartilago procricoidea were observed bigger than cartilago arytenoidea and crista ventralis were found to be more prominent than in other birds.